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Beaches Las palmas

Beaches in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. The Jewel of Las Palmas, Las Canteras beach, with its 3.5km of golden sand sweeping down one side of the city, is the main and biggest beach in Las Palmas. There are in total five beaches in the capital city. Here’s everything you need to know about the beaches in Las Palmas.

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Best beaches in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Las Palmas is an ideal place for long barefoot walks on the beach. During the day you can sunbathe by the sand sculptures, rent parasols and loungers or surf at the southern end. Children love the Las Palmas beaches thanks to its clear, calm waters, playgrounds and sports zones. Most beaches is also accessible to all and has parking, changing rooms and showers. At sunset its beachfront terraces fill up and the promenade’s cafés, bars and restaurants are lively into the night.

El Confital Beach Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

El Confital Beach in Las Palmas
El Confital Beach is a sand and pebble beach. Great for fishing. It’s a bit difficult to get there by car, so you have to go through a dirt road with lots of bumps and there is only one lane making it cramped for cars to pass each other. Best to park your car and walk to the beach. El Confital is home to one of Europe’s best surfing waves but has enough rock pools and sheltered inlets for everyone to swim. It is mostly pebbles and smooth rocks but there are patches of yellow sand during the summer. Confital gets more sun than next-door Las Canteras beach and is the best spot in the city for sunset views. Unless you happen to be in El Confital during school holidays or one of the annual surfing championships, it’s a quiet and local spot. During the week, you may well have it all to yourself except for the odd jogger and surfer. El Confital is nudist beach from the end of the wooden boardwalk.

Alcaravaneras Beach Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Alcaravaneras Beach in Las Palmas
Alcaravaneras beach is located in front of the port of Las Palmas. We do not recommend swimming here as the water quality is not up to acceptable levels. But the beach is perfect for soaking up the sun, and Alcaravaneras beach is a favorite for all volleyball lovers. It’s a wide sweep of clean, golden sand that only gets busy during the holidays. Alcaravaneras is a great beach for a game of beach football or a quiet sunbathe.

La Laja Beach Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

La Laja Beach in Las Palmas
La Laja Beach is located near the outskirts of the capital next to the highway. This beach has black sand and is a quiet beach without too many people. We do not recommend this beach for children because of rough seas and strong winds. There is no Red Cross facility. While it’s technically a nudist beach, most people here wear clothes. Take care in the water on rough days as the currents get strong. La Laja’s giant bronze sculpture of Triton welcomes every visitor driving into Las Palmas and is right next to the main car park for the beach.

Las Canteras Beach Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Las Canteras Beach in Las Palmas
The capital Las Palmas in Gran Canaria, has five beaches. Las Canteras is considered the world’s best city beach, and is so long that the locals treat it as several separate beaches, each with its own name and traditions. A great place for families. Dozens of restaurants, ice cream shops, souvenir shops, etc. This beach has restrooms, showers, and Red Cross facilities.

Playa Grande in Las Palmas

Northern end of Las Canteras beach the northern end is called Playa Grande (Big Beach) and is wide and calm thanks to an offshore lava reef that protects it from the waves. There are sun bed and parasol concessions all Playa Grande. Choose it for calm waters, toilet facilities and guaranteed space on the sand. Playa Grande is fringed with coconut palm trees and has dozens of bars and restaurants along its promenade.

Playa Chica in Las Palmas

playa chica sunsetIn the centre of Canteras Beach this intimate little beach has no sunbeds or parasols but does have several bars and restaurants with outdoor tables overlooking the sand. The water in front of Playa Chica is great for snorkelling as it has a mini-reef full of colourful fish. Playa Chica has a great local feel and gets the sunshine all day long.

Peña de la Vieja in Las Palmas

The Peña de la Vieja section of Las Canteras beachJust south of Playa Chica is the Peña de la Vieja section of Las Canteras beach named after a small rock that sticks up half way to the reef. The La Peña section of the beach has one sun bed concession and some fishing boats parked up on the sand. It’s also great for snorkelling. At its northern end is El Charcon, a sandy area sheltered by rocks that is perfect for swimming at low tide. Peña de la Vieja is local and has great restaurants overlooking the sand.

La Cicer in Las Palmas

The La Cicer section of Las Canteras beach The southern section of Las Canteras is called La Cicer and is the sporting end of the beach. Locals gather here to play beach tennis and football at low tide and to surf La Cicer’s reliable waves (La Cicer has no offshore reef). La Cicer Beach changes colour depending on the tides and the weather. One day it can be golden and the next the sand changes to jet black or vanishes altogether leaving only pebbles. Las Cicer is the best place to take surfing lessons in Gran Canaria thanks to its consistent waves and professional surf schools.

San Cristobal in Las Palmas

San Cristobal beach in Las Palmas
San Cristobal is a tiny sandy beach in a little village, and can be separated in two very different beaches. The main San Cristobal beach is a long pebble beach that sometimes can get big waves. San Cristobal’s other beach is a tiny patch of golden sand sheltered by the little harbour at the southern end of the village. Known as El Rincon it is only busy at weekends and is calm enough for safe swimming.

Map of beaches in Las Palmas

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