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Car hire Gáldar Gran Canaria. We compare prices from Spain’s leading rental companies. Our philosophy is simple, the best quality at the lowest price on your car rental. Our prices on car hire always includes unlimited mileage, and all necessary taxes and insurances. Use the search engine below for guaranteed best price on car rental in Gáldar Gran Canaria in Spain.

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Car hire Gáldar Gran Canaria

Car hire Gáldar

Car hire Gáldar

Gáldar is a city and a municipality in the north of the island of Gran Canaria in Las Palmas in the Canary Islands. Its population is 24,227 and the area is 61.59 km². The city Gáldar located at the foot of the mountains, 2 km from the coast and 21 miles west of Las Palmas. The motorway GC-2 passes south of the town. The municipality comprises the settlements Puerto de Sardina, San Isidro, Los Quintana, Barrial and Marmolejo.

If you need car hire in Gáldar, its easiest to order the rental car online and pick it up when land at Gran Canaria Airport. Then you easily can return the car when traveling back to your home country, and you do not need alternative transportation to and from airport. In most cases, this is less expensive than using small local car rental supplier in Gáldar. Use the search engine above for guaranteed best price on car rental in Gáldar.

Gáldar is very proud of her heritage, which is witnessed by Guanchenavnene on many city streets. This northern city was also the island’s capital before Las Palmas. Today Gáldar half busy city that spreads out at the foot of the volcano Pico de Gáldar. It has an idyllic square, the Plaza de Santiago, with the neoclassical Iglesia de Santiago de los Caballeros is located in front of the former location of a royal court and a small Spanish fort. The construction of this huge church with three ships started in 1778 but was not completed until the mid 19th century. Notable details include a green baptismal font from the 16th century and the statues of Christ and the Virgin Mary, both works by José Luján Pérez.

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