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Car hire Santa María de Guía Gran Canaria

Car hire Santa María de Guía

Car hire Santa María de Guía

The municipality of Santa María de Guía offers several possibilities for leisure and tours for tourists who are interested in appreciating architectural and natural areas. A journey through the streets of Santa María de Guía to reveal its beautiful buildings, especially after the milling process and beautification of the town houses makes getting lost in a world full of color and joy, transport us to the splendor that once had the municipality.

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The old town was declared a national historic-artistic monument in 1982. Among its constructions we can highlight the Parish Church, whose facade is neoclassical and is flanked by two side towers. Inside artworks of great importance, including altarpieces and images of sculptor José Luján Pérez, a native of this municipality is preserved. In the church you can also visit the chapel of the Virgin (open Wednesdays and Saturdays from 10:00 to 14:00 hrs) resting place of our patron and where they are exposed to various items of jewelry among them the garbage of the canopy silver frame image of the Virgen de Guía . There are also some textile items like blankets Virgin, banners, canopies, Dalmatic chasubles, cloaks and suits used in the past by the clergy. La Casa de Los Quintana is another example of the architecture of the city, located in the Plaza Mayor de Guía, its construction dates from the seventeenth century. Raises the Moorish canary wooden balcony and blazon of Guanarteme and Quintana surnames.

Néstor Álamo House is located on Calle San José and is a place worth visiting. This is a home built in the seventeenth century. La Ermita de San Roque also part of the historical legacy. It is located in the homonymous square in the upper part of town. It is a relatively modern neoclassical building, made with lime and masonry of the country. La Ermita de San Sebastián is a typical Canarian hermitage built in the sixteenth century and recently restored according to its original style. But if what you want is to appreciate the natural surroundings of the town, it is worth noting the special nature reserve Heath, composed primarily of laurels acebiños, heather, fayas and Granadillo.

Another of the most characteristic places are Valeron Monastery, an archaeological site declared of cultural interest in 1978. Cenobio was a large fortress granary where the pre-Hispanic population stored its surplus thanks cavity dug into the rock. The Tagoror del Gallego is another of the archaeological sites on the island, consisting of a semicircular area where three thrones made of stone carved into the rock and surrounded by what may be a kind of stands are appreciated. It is believed to be a “Court”.

Santa María de Guía is a predominantly rocky seaside town but has three beaches. La Playa de San Felipe is located at the western end of the coast of lairage. On this beach is one of the main attractions as well as being an area with little tourism, there is the possibility of surfing. For this part of the island has also cut so it is very common with paragliding. In this area there are many of the best restaurants and bars in town, which bases its services in direct and daily products taken from the sea. La Playa de Roque Prieto is located in the district of Atalaya, two kilometers from the village center. One of the attractions is the natural pool, which has very good conditions for swimming. Finally Playa Caleta Arriba located on the border between guide and Gáldar, and is also a coastal area with little traffic of visitors.

But if your interest is to buy a handmade product, in Santa María de Guía one of the municipalities where production of the Canary Islands knife is more deeply rooted. The Canary Knife is the instrument carried by farmers on the island. The handle is made with metal and horn inlaid with geometric shapes. The sheet is characterized by its large size, between 15 and 20 centímetos. Elements and carved furniture are other great attractions in Contacts. Craftsmen workshops located in the village center offers an example: Canarian balconies, trunks, Canary sizes … Finally, straw and wicker work is also very popular guide and other most purchased products in craft workshops.

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