10 Best Restaurants Las Palmas Gran Canaria

10 best restaurants in Las Palmas

Las Palmas is a real Canarian metropolis with a wonderful three mile long beach – Playa de las Canteras – right in town. Las Palmas also has a rich and varied cuisine spread throughout the Gran Canaria. Here we bring you our favorite places, 10 best restaurants in Las Palmas

1. Deliciosa Marta
This island is a perfect place to enjoy outdoor dining, its geographical location means it has the best climate in the world, so says the department of climatology at Syracuse University in the United States. One of the best restaurants to enjoy this warm weather, is found in the Triana district and is called Delicious Marta. This restaurant named film, specializes in traditional Spanish and Canarian cuisine, with seasonal products but with a touch of modernity in the dishes, which attracts diners and fill your living color. The restaurant is cozy and decorated with exquisite taste. Pol in charge of the kitchen and his wife Marta at the front of the room as directed. Ranked number 2 of 485 restaurants in Tripadvisor and two suns in the Repsol Guide.

Restaurant Deliciosa Marta
Pérez Galdós, 23 35002
Las Palmas
Las Palmas (Spain)
Tel: 928 370 882

2. Casa Montesdeoca
This Montesdeoca restaurant located in the district of Vegueta, has the favor of the Spanish royal family, is the favorite place of King Juan Carlos. This house was the residence of the Jewish merchant Montesdeoca possessed in the sixteenth century, before fleeing the Spanish Inquisition. After falling into disrepair, was restored back to its former glory in the twentieth century, and is today one of the restaurant references of the city.
Specializing in traditional Spanish cuisine, with a raw material, can highlight their fresh fish of the day and appreciated meats that make diners enjoy. Great food and excellent service in an enviable environment.

Restaurant Casa Montesdeoca
Montesdeoca Street 10
Vegueta 35001 Las Palmas
Las Palmas (Spain)
Tel: 928 333 466
Fax: 928 335 238

3.La Macarena
The restaurant “cooking workshop” La Macarena, known for its cuisine, fresh produce and its diverse cuisine. Directed by Chef Fabio Santana, who
likes to experiment and innovate in the kitchen, giving a different touch to your dishes, but out of foams and other modern techniques, for the important thing is the good service and product quality.
Located in “La Puntilla” beachfront de las Canteras, the busy pedestrian street will give you direct access to their outdoor tables, a privileged place where you can enjoy splendid sea views.

Restaurant La Macarena
Calle Prudencio Morales, 21
35009 Las Palmas
Las Palmas (Spain)
928 91 27 45

4. Amaiur
The Amaiur restaurant has been open since 1990 and its name refers to the town of Navarre Amaiur. With an elegant and unique in the purest colonial style decor, you will find a traditional Basque cuisine, where prevailing seasonal products, being well known gastronomic days. Ideal for a romantic evening.

Restaurant Amaiur
Calle Pérez Galdós, 2, 35002
Las Palmas
Las Palmas (Spain)
928 37 July 17

5. Romeo e Giulietta
True to its roots offer a wide selection of Italian food but without forgetting the Mediterranean, the service is young, very professional, attentive and elegant. Romeo e Giulietta gives a contemporary twist on traditional Italian cuisine. It is found in the suburb of Arenales near Triana.

Restaurant Romeo e Giulietta
Street Dr. Waksman 6
35004 Las Palmas
Las Palmas (Spain)
928 36 92 44

6. La Marinera
Thanks to the excellent product quality and freshness of its seafood, is one of the most reputable restaurants on the island. Besides being able to boast a unique and authentic setting, for its proximity to the sea, being able to hear the waves crashing against the rocks while eating. The Sailor is at the end of La Puntilla, on the beach of Las Canteras.

Restaurant La Marinera
Paseo Las Canteras, 1 – Low
Gran Canaria 35008
Las Palmas (Spain)

7. Restaurant Tehran
The Persian carpet in the window, the name and the dancers, perfectly identify the type of restaurant that we found. A paradise for lovers of Iranian cuisine. The characteristic aroma of spices and the best caviar in the world are present in their dishes, all adapted for vegetarians including hummus, falafel and vegetable skewers. The restaurant Tehran What can locate on the busy shopping street Mesa y Lopez.

Restaurant Tehran
Bernardo de la Torre 1 35007
Las Palmas, Gran Canaria
Las Palmas (Spain)

8. Ají, Limón y Canela
Pepper, lemon and cinnamon, are three of the key ingredients of Peruvian cuisine. As a good restaurant true to its roots, these ingredients form the basis of many of its entries. Specializing in seafood, highlight your ceviche made with raw fish marinated in citrus juices. Enjoy this and other taste sensations in “Chili, Lemon and Cinnamon” both in its elegant interior or on the terrace which on clear days offers a beautiful view of Teide.

Restaurant Aji Limón y Canela
C / Sagasta, 68 35008
Las Palmas
Las Palmas (Spain)

9. Kuoh 101
Elegant Japanese restaurant with a lovely decoration, both inside and out. Fresh ingredients of the highest quality along with excellent service, take us to the best cuisine in Japan. Kuoh 101 The restaurant is located in one of the longest streets of La Palmas. If you like Japanese food does not hesitate to visit.

Restaurant Kuoh 101
C / Luis Doreste Silva, 101
Las Palmas
Las Palmas (Spain)

10. La Bikina
The philosophy behind La Bikina is simple: Life is on the beach. For them it is easy to say, because the beachside location is enviable. The entire atmosphere is pure relaxation in this bar can enjoy a spectacular cuisine, commanded by a Spanish chef and an Indonesian cook, offering authentic dishes from Asian and South American fusion cuisine.

Restaurant La Bikina
Paseo de las Canteras, 63
35010 Las Palmas
Las Palmas (Spain)
828 06 53 57

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