10 Reasons Gran Canaria

10 Reasons to come back to Gran Canaria

The best way to discover Gran Canaria is to rent a car and drive lost in the countryside. There are many villages and small places that are not yet occupied by tourists, and here you can meet the local culture up close. Gran Canaria can be so much more, for the traveler with a taste for culture, food and adventure. This is 10 reasons to come back to Gran Canaria in Spain.

At the summit of Gran Canaria, is a great place.
A village that appears and disappears as if by magic, a sea of clouds. A great little place near the sky,
where to watch the impressive Roque Nublo, the lunar landscape that surrounds it and the ocean of pines that seem to fall as far as the eye can see. Read more about Tejeda

In the north of Gran Canaria is a teleport machine, a window to the past. Direct to distant Aboriginal culture who lived hundreds of years ago while in the islands. The voices of the past wake up every day, when the gates of mystery that keeps the Museo de la Cueva Pintada open. Read more about Gáldar

In the south of the island, in Mogán, a huge group of divers tranquilones hides. Lovers of the good life. They talk in the bars along the canals of the fishing village of Puerto de Mogan. A sunset great sun, which makes the place a center of ocean optimism appears among bougainvillea and laughter. Read more about Mogán

In the capital of Gran Canaria is a giant fishbowl without glass. A marine world amazing, just 100 meters from the streets, living in sunny stretch of sand of Las Canteras. In the kilometer and lively urban beach that keep surfers from Las Palmas. Read more about Las Palmas

MASPALOMAS DUNES – San Bartolome de Tirajana
They did. They were telling everyone the extraordinary case of the desert dunes of Maspalomas. A vast sea of golden sand was born where nobody expected.Walk to ocean! A sea of dunes lining the south coast of the island with swimmers and surfers. Read more about San Bartolome de Tirajana

They told everyone. And now Seagulls Puerto de las Nieves will become famous. And cafes dock. And the sunsets off the huge cliff overlooking the putting Agaete background. The small fishing village where tons of air eliminates breathing-problems. Read more about Agaete

In the heart of the island. You’ll find it after crossing the roads that wind through the interior of Gran Canaria. In the interior of the island is the village of Teror, stuffed with sweets and typical spots. A place of great symbolic value for the islanders where reigns the Virgen del Pino. Read more about Teror

VEGUETA – Las Palmas
The narrow streets of the old quarter of Vegueta have lived over 500 years. Ticking away from pirates cathedral builders. And from Columbus until today, browse an old tradition that forces everyone to stop, at least once, in the historical district of Vegueta. Read morea about attractions in Las Palmas

CANYON GUAYADEQUE – Agüimes and Ingenio
The Barranco de Guayadeque is the small natural gem that share the municipalities of Ingenio and Agüimes, a stone’s throw from the beaches of southern Gran Canaria. Under the palm canyon you can find the long trail of footprints that return us to the ancient inhabitants of the islands.

BANDAMA – Las Palmas
They revealed that a volcanic caldera near the vineyards of Tafira. In the unlikely place comes an amazing natural area, the Caldera de Bandama. At the bottom you will see a path that challenges hikers find the winery’s hidden in 15 meridians around.

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