Top activities Gran Canaria

11 Top activities for children Gran Canaria

Activities, attractions and experiences for children on Gran Canaria in Spain. Gran Canaria is a year-round resort, so if you decide to travel in summer or winter, you’re sure to find plenty of things to do here. Gran Canaria is one of the Canary Islands just off the coast of Morocco. There are plenty of activities for everyone, but we have listed the best things to do in Gran Canaria with children.

11 activities and experiences for children on Gran Canaria

Overview of activities and experiences for kids on Gran Canaria in Spain. Perfect when you need a break from the beach life.

#1 Karting – speed and excitement for children and adults

Karting Gran Canaria
Spend an unforgettable day at one of Gran Canaria`s Go kart tracks. Gran Canaria Karting Club is the largest karting track in Spain, and there you will find Go-kart for adults and children. Go karts for kids is speed regulated, so they can only run in 35 – 40 km / h. There are also small motorcycles. Gran Karting Club has 2 courts, one is 650 meters and the other is 990 meters. Riders can reach speeds of up to 80 km / h – enough to satisfy the most adventurous. Junior Railway (650 meters) is ideal for those between 12 and 16 while children up to 10 years old probably will like mini bikes. There is also a children’s court with minikarter for children from 5 years upwards.

Contact information Gran Canaria Karting Club
Address: Ctra General de sur, Km 46 Tarajalillo, Gran Canaria, 35100 Tarajalillo, San Bartolome de Tirajana, Las Palmas
Phone: 928 15 71 90

#2 Angry Birds Activity Park – Puerto Rico

Angry birds park Gran Canaria
Younger children under 12 years old will love this place more than teenagers as there are several activities for them. It’s a great place to take the kids to let them burn off excess energy. There are plenty of places to jump and run around. The park Angry Birds Activity Park in Puerto Rico has 25 different activities. There is a lovely snack bar there to refuel, and if it gets too hot you can cool off under different water jets. Those who have played a part Angry Birds on tablets and smartphones, recognize details from games everywhere in the park. For example, one can get one, two or three stars by performing activities in different ways.

Tip: When you pay the entrance fee, you get a stamp on your hand. This means that it is easy to get into and out of the park all day. We would recommend you to get this when the park opens in early days, so you can go in and out of the park all day and get the most out of your money.

Contactinformation Angry Birds Activity Park
Address: Urbanización Puerto Rico, Avenida la Cornisa, 2, 35130 Mogan, Las Palmas
Phone: 928 15:39 76
Internet: Angry Birds Activity Park Facebook

#3 Aqualand – Maspalomas

Aqualand Maspalomas Gran Canaria
This is a fantastic water park with many different water slides of all sizes that will excite most children of all ages from young to adults. The park is open all year and interest is Crazy Race and Aqua Mania. Small children will have a great time at the children’s paradise which is a mini water park. Discovery Beach is the place to be for those who love a wave pool. Or for those who just want to relax can relax with rubber ring cruising around Pirate river. There are many places to eat around the park.

Tip – Most kids love the water park, but if there is someone in the family who are not so keen, they can enjoy mini golf or the pooltable that is available there.

Contact information Aqualand
Address: Carretera Palmitos Park, Km 3, 35100 Maspalomas, Las Palmas
Phone: 928 14 May 25

#4 Holiday World – Maspalomas

Holiday World Maspalomas Gran Canaria
This is one of the most popular theme parks in Gran Canaria. Holiday World is only a short walk from Faro 2 shopping center. Some of the attractions that kids will love is Aquatic Familiar Track which is where they can run their own boat or wave to all of the little train. The more adventurous can enjoy a thrilling ride on a roller coaster. Of course there are many more attractions here to keep the whole family entertained. It is open year round, so it does not matter whether you are on holiday in winter or summer. The park is open Monday to Friday evening. So it’s a great place to enjoy a fun evening. You will also find many places to eat as there are many restaurants there.

Tip: If you want something to do during the day, the park has a recreation center with a bowling alley and a game arcade which is open every day including weekends from 10am until the early hours.

Contact information Holiday World
Address: Holiday World Maspalomas Avda. Touroperador Tui, 35100 – Gran Canaria
Phone: 928 73 April 98

#5 Palmitos Park – Maspalomas

Palmitos Park Gran Canaria
Palmitos Park is a 200,000 m² large bird park in Gran Canaria. The subtropical park we find south of the island, approximately 10 km north of Maspalomas. This is a zoo and botanical park where kids will be thrilled by the various types of animals. There are birds of prey, parrots, dolphins and Primates Island you can laugh at the antics of gibbons and orangutans as they veer between the trees.

Tip: Take a picnic lunch and enjoy it in a beautiful setting – plus you’ll save some money!

Contact information Palmitos Park
Address: Barranco de los Palmitos, s / n, 35109 Maspalomas, Las Palmas
Phone: 928 79 70 70

#6 Sioux City – Playa Del Aguila

Sioux Western Park Gran Canaria
In San Agustin, Gran Canaria you will find the great western park Sioux City. The western town was built in 1972 with recordings of westerns. It cost a staggering 15 million to build Sioux City! Now home to about 100 residents in the western park. When the western film industry came to a halt, the Sioux City become an amusement park for the whole family. In addition to tremendous western shows and riding through Sioux City, it’s own play area for the little ones. Western park has its own reptile department with different types of snakes, spiders and a world famous white crocodile.

Cowboys, Indians and sheriffs wandering the streets. Around a street corner so we gunpowder smoke and gunfire. We were imprisoned and “locked” in dark cells with fetter on foot. We were dressed as bandits and clamoring on large posters with promise of high bounty. For a moment I felt like I was in a western movie.

The highlight of the evening, there was tremendous western show! It was speed and excitement from the first minute. Galloping horses and aggressive bulls almost thundered through the streets and over the space where the show took place. Revelers and thieves were chased by sheriffs. Acrobatic Indians impressed with flame quenching and sword throwing. It was a wonderful mix of drama and humor! The show was a “live performance” of a real western movie!

Contactinformation Sioux City
Address: Barranco del Aguila, s / n, 35100, Las Palmas, Spain
Phone: +34 928 76 25 73

#7 Building sandcastles – Las Canteras

Building sandcastles Gran Canaria
Have buckets and spades ready for a super day with building and play. There are sandy beaches throughout Gran Canaria but one of the best places for sandcastle building is Las Canteras. What makes this place special is that it is where sandcastle artists come and build their amazing sand sculptures. It is fascinating to see them. Read more about beaches in Las Palmas

Tip: This is city beach so you can combine sandcastle building with shopping.

#8 Camel riding – Maspalomas Dunes

Camel riding Maspalomas
A trip to Gran Canaria would not be complete without a visit to the colossal dunes of Maspalomas. The beach itself is about 6 km before it turns into an expanse of sand waves. This is an absolutely wonderful experience where you ride a camel into the inner Lawrence of Arabia Gran Canaria. Fantastic fun for the whole family. Enjoy a thirty minute walk over the dunes of Maspalomas. Some tours include a longer journey, some food and a visit to a camel park where you can get to see baby camels. Even very young children and babies can travel with their parents.

Tip: If you bring a small child or a baby you may want to try a shorter trip first time, before embarking on a longer trip.

Phone: 0034 928 760781/0034 609 520233

#9 Casa De Colon (Columbus House) – Las Palmas

Casa de Colon Las Palmas
Casa de Colón is one of the most attractive buildings in Las Palmas with a rich decorated entrance, beautiful latticework balconies, large courtyards and carved wooden ceilings, showing many aspects of the island’s architecture. This palace was the residence of the first governor of the island and it is claimed that Christopher Columbus lived here in 1492 while one of the boats his was repaired, hence the name Casa de Colón (Columbushuset). It’s a great place for kids who like history and the rooms have exhibits about Columbus’s visit to the islands.

Opening hours are Monday to Saturday 10:00 to 18:00 and Sundays and holidays from 10:00 to 3:00. It is closed over Christmas and New Year.

Contactinformation Casa de Colon
Address: the Calle Colón, 1, 35001 Las Palmas, Las Palmas, Spain
Phone: +34 928 31 23 73

#10 Moonlight Film Maspalomas

Moonlight Film Gran Canaria
A trip to the cinema is not what we would normally recommend traveling abroad, but this is an exception. The experience starts with a guided tour of the red carpet, and then you sit and enjoy the film in double sofas. The best part is that it is outdoors. Full service throughout the movie so you can enjoy a delicious pizza or other food. There is also a separate staffed play area for kids.

Contact information Moonlight Movie
Address: C.C. Boulevard Oasis, Av. de Cristóbal Colón, 4, 35100 Maspalomas, Las Palmas, Spain
Phone: +34 677 27 March 10

#11 Electric Bike Tours

Electric bike tours Gran Canaria
This activity is not for young children but would suit teenagers who love sports. This is a good way to see Gran Canaria and stay in shape at the same time. The bikes are easy to operate and the tours are escorted by guides. Most tours last between four and six hours, so you need most of the day for this activity. This tour is great fun and recommended.

Contact information

I hope these activities inspire you, and gave you some guidance on what may be activities in Gran Canaria. Have you tried some already? Do you know some other activities for children that are not listed in this section?

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