Attractions in Las Palmas

19 Attractions and Activities Las Palmas

Attractions and Activities Las Palmas. The cosmopolitan capital of Gran Canaria is a lively and vibrant city, with a clear Spanish character, located between two bays. Here you will find many excellent restaurants and tapas bars and great shopping, a wealth of elegant architecture and a charming and historic old town that is been exploring. In this article we show you 19 best attractions and activities in Las Palmas City for adults.

Las Palmas is the cultural center of the island and a popular spot for day-trippers for various activities. An alternative to the popular beaches along the south coast, is the 3 km long sandy beach of Las Canteras protected by a lagoon, ideal for sunbathing. Along the beach you will find a promenade with pavement cafes and a great view of the northern coast of the island.

In the old town of Las Palmas are many historic buildings and several museums. Museo Canario is the Canary Islands’ largest collection of objects related to Aboriginal history and culture dating back to before the city was founded. City Festival Fiestas de San Juan in late June each year commemorates the city’s founding. Carnival in February and the festival are also events that tend to collect a lot of people. Las Palmas has several well-visited beaches. The most famous of them is Playa de Las Canteras. Las Palmas has a lively nightlife and there are a large number of bars, nightclubs and discos. Las Palmas is together with Santa Cruz de Tenerife, capital of the autonomous community of the Canary Islands and the capital of Gran Canaria.

Attractions and activities in Las Palmas

Overview over 19 attractions and activities in Las Palmas on Gran Canaria in Spain. Do you have tips for attractions and activities in Las Palmas as we should include in this section, please tip us about this.

#1 Play golf in Las Palmas

Golf Las Palmas

Las Palmas got the first golf course as early as 1891, it was built by the English colony at Las Palmas. Las Palmas boasts several beautiful golf courses that are spread out evenly around the island. These courses were designed by renowned international course designers, and experts ranks these courses as some of the best in Spain. Ideal climatic conditions make Las Palmas the perfect golf destination, with the opportunity to train your favorite sport 365 days a year. An added bonus is that most golf courses on the island are new, which means you find modern courses developed for the most demanding players. Read more about golf courses Las Palmas.

#2 Museo Elder

Museo Elder in Las Palmas

Museo Elder, or the museum of science and technology if you want, located at Parque Santa Catalina, is an option for the whole family. It’s no secret that the museum around 2,000 interactive exhibits, spread over 4,500 square meters, all fathers and kids’ favorite! Museo Elder Museo Elder is a science museum located in Las Palmas, specifically in the Santa Catalina Park. The museum is devoted research and technology, and has nearly 2000 interactive exhibits – with models of mankind’s greatest scientific successes. The place opened in 1999 and is a popular attraction for the whole family. In addition to interactive exhibits, the museum IMAX theater and planetarium.

Hours: Tuesday – Sunday. From 10.00 to 20.00.
Address: Parque de Santa Catalina, 35007 Las Palmas

#3 Centro Atlantico de Arte Moderno

Centro Atlantico de Arte Moderno Las Palmas

Centro Atlantico de Arte Moderno (CAAM) Canaries important contemporary art museum, located in the capital’s historic district of Vegueta. The museum is housed in a modernized building from the 1700s, a former hotel.
The art museum was opened in 1989 and has both changing and permanent exhibitions. The permanent collection consists of 2,600 works of art from around the world – preferably from America, Europe and Africa. The museum exhibition of works by Canarian artists – including Eduardo Gregorio, Santiago Santana and Cecare Manrique. Centro Atlantico de Arte Moderno Art Museum of Modern Art, Centro Atlantico de Arte Moderno, opened in 1989 and is a powerhouse of art and culture in the Canary Islands. Here you will find a lot of interesting art from Africa, America and Europe. For art museum Centro Atlantico de Arte Moderno on Calle Los Balcones de Vegueta.

Hours: Tuesday – Saturday. From 10.00 to 21.00. Sunday. 10.00 to 14.00.
Address: Calle Balcones 11, 35001 Las Palmas

#4 Museo Canario

Museo Canario in Las Palmas

Museo Canario is the Canary Islands’ largest collection of artifacts related to the Guanches history and culture. Several objects can be traced back to the 1400s. The museum building has its origins back to 1879. The address is Calle Doctor Verneau, 2. Museo Canario is a cultural history museum located in the capital’s historic center Vegueta and devoted guanches – indigenous population in the Canary Islands.

The museum is located near the city’s cathedral, and is housed in a building dating from 1879. Museo Canario has a permanent collection of ia ceramic items, statues, jewelry, tools and skeletons. Several of the objects stemming from the 1400s. The cultural history museum also has an interesting exhibition of models of historic buildings. The place also has a documentation center with a library and archive – devoted prehistoric archeology of the Canary Islands.

Hours: Monday – Friday. From 10.00 to 20.00. Saturdays, Sundays and holidays at. 10.00 to 14.00.
Address: Calle Doctor Verneau 2, 35001 Las Palmas

#5 Casa Museum Colon

 Casa Colon Museo Las Palmas

This museum is often called only for Colombus Museum and you will find it in the Plaza de San Antonio Abad, just behind the cathedral. The museum focuses on the Canary Islands’ relationship to the United States, and Colombus is naturally central to the exhibition.

#6 Shopping in Las Palmas

Shopping Las Palmas

Shops chock full of fake football jerseys, Rolexes and other tourist juggel which otherwise is so prominent on Gran Canaria, has here given way to the big international brand chains and department stores. Brands like Footlocker, Mango, Zara, Hugo Boss and the giant trade house El Corte Ingles, you name it, and you will most likely find it here in Las Palmas in Gran Canaria. Shopping street Avenida Mesa Y Lopez is said to be the hippest shopping street in town, but whatever your tastes and needs are great city of Las Palmas is a paradise for those who enjoy shopping. Read more Shopping Las Palmas.

#7 Santa Ana Cathedral

Las Palmas Catedral de Santa Ana

19 Attractions and Activities in Las Palmas

Santa Ana Cathedral from 1497, is beautiful and worth a visit. Located in the atmospheric old town Vegueta should all be in for a nice visit.

#8 Nightlife and bars in Las Palmas

Nightlife in Las Palmas

The nightlife in Las Palmas wake as the sun goes down, and here is something for everyone: Swinging salsa music, live bands, cover bands, jazz or disco. In the stretch between the market and the Santa Ana Cathedral you will find many pubs and restaurants with exciting Canarian cuisine. Check out Vegueta area and Plaza de Espana if you are looking for good places to go out on. Cool places are Heineken, Cuasquias, El Coto, La Floridita and La Roneria. The best places are in Vegueta or streets along Las Canteras beach. CC Monopoly in Triana, just north of the old town are several younger highlighted as the hottest place. Remember that it does not start properly until one to two hours after midnight. For those who would like to see a little nightlife before it, it is a lot of people in the old town from 20 to 21 hours and beyond. Read more about the nightlife and bars in Las Palmas.

#9 Jardin Botánica Canario – The Botanical Garden in Las Palmas

Jardin Botanico in Las Palmas

The large botanical garden “Jardin Botánica Canario -” Viera y Clavijo “is situated about 7 km southwest of Las Palmas, and is a major tourist attraction. The garden was founded in 1952 by the Swedish botanist Eric Sventenius, and was officially opened to the public in 1959. The botanical garden is on 27 acres and has about 500 endemic plants.

Here you can walk on pleasant paths in a peaceful setting and admire trees, plants and flowers from around the world. The botanical garden is on a slope and has a wonderful collection of ia dragon trees, heathers, cacti and palms. There are also lake here with water lilies and waterfalls. It also offers laboratory, library and herbarium.

Hours: Every day at. From 09.00 to 18.00.
Address: Tafira Alta, Carretera del Cato, 35017 Las Palmas

#10 Carnival in Las Palmas

Las Palmas Carnaval

Carnival in Las Palmas. This carnival is declared to be a Canarian celebration of interest to tourists and is one of the oldest celebrations in Las Palmas. Some special events are gala for the election of the Queen and the very popular gala for the election of the Carnival Drag Queen – an event that is not held anywhere else in Spain. The carnival is a major event in Gran Canaria. In Las Palmas carnival held on 29 January to 21 February and in Maspalomas / Playa del Inglés 19 February to 28 February. In carnival week is the crowds and music in the streets until late at night / early morning and some streets are sometimes closed off. Extra lively it around the hotels along Avenida Tirajana in Playa del Inglés. Read more about the carnival in Las Palmas

#11 Santa Catalina Park

Park Santa Catalina in Las Palmas

Santa Catalina Park is more a town square than a park, is the meeting place for the citizens of Las Palmas.


#12 Restaurants in Las Palmas

Restaurants Las Palmas

Are you hungry and ready for a scrumptious dining experience in Las Palmas? We shall now go through good Spanish and international restaurants in Las Palmas is worth trying. Las Palmas has a rich food culture and here you get a taste. The capital Las Palmas is the island’s largest restaurant downtown. Here you’ll find all the big chain restaurants – both Spanish and international. In addition, there are exciting specialty restaurants and large markets. Las Palmas is restaurantby no. 1 on Gran Canaria, and recommended a visit during the holidays. Food culture in Gran Canaria consists of quality ingredients and original recipes – providing tasty meat, fish and shellfish dishes. Meat dishes of goat and lamb are popular, and typical fish species are sea bass and swordfish. Read more about 13 top restaurants in Las Palmas

#13 Artwork

Artwork in Las Palmas

The Canarian handicrafts offers unique product that plaited banana fibers, silk fabrics, knives with recessed adornments of bone and horn. Significant crafts product from Gran Canaria’s example. Timple (an instrument similar to the guitar, but that is much smaller and has only 4 or 5 strings), chácarasen Telde (also known in Latin America), pottery items from Arucas and Atalaya, steel goods from Guía basket items from Teror and Ingenio and embroideries from different places around the island.

#14 Beach life in Las Palmas

Las Palmas Beaches

Las Palmas`s beaches are all different from each other. From the busiest and most famous beaches in Playa del Ingles or Maspalomas, small quiet beaches like the one in Puerto de Mogan or Arguineguin. Travelling with children are enough high waves and activities high on our wish list, or would you rather just work on your tan? Read more about beach life in Las Palmas

#15 Nudsist beaches in Las Palmas

Nudists Beaches in Las Palmas

Nudists love Las Palmas because they find nudist beaches there for everyone. Here’s our list of the best places are to get a tan all over your body at Las Palmas. All the information you need to find and enjoy them. Read more about nudist beaches Las Palmas

#16 Lady Harimaguada

Lady Harimaguada in Las Palmas

Lady Harimaguada the monument you must see. We are talking about a huge buzz elastic steel monument. This monument was established in 1996 can be found along the Avenida Maritima.

#17 Walking and hiking in Las Palmas

Hiking in Las Palmas

Las Palmas offers many opportunities for those who do not think that lying on the beach throughout the holiday it is quite large. For those who enjoy walking or a real hike is Las Palmas a paradise, tour options are literally at your doorstep. The terrain varies from smooth contours north of Gran Canaria for a more erratic steep terrain west. Read more about walking and hiking Las Palmas

#18 Castillo de la Luz

Las Palmas Castillo de la Luz

The fortress Castillo de la Luz is located in Las Palmas – on the south coast of the peninsula of La Isleta – close to the harbor Puerto de la Luz. The fortress was built in 1494 to defend the natural harbor of Las Palmas. It burned down in 1599, and has several times over the years been transformed, developed and restored – most recently in 1990. Castillo de la Luz was declared a national historic monument in 1941. The fort is square and has two round towers. Today is the fortress was used as a cultural center for national and international events.

Borgen La Luz is a fortress from the 15th century. It was in his time actually built right down by the water, to protect the island against the English and Dutch pirates; but later achievements have meant that it now finds itself a little piece into the country. Borgen is made available to the public and houses a maritime museum and a cultural center.

Address: Castillo de la Luz, Calle Juan Rejón, 35007 Las Palmas

#19 Pérez Galdós-theater

las Palmas Teatro Perez Galdos

One of the city’s most beautiful buildings is Pérez Galdós-theater from 1867. The building was almost completely destroyed by fire in 1928 but has been renovated according to etiquette, and reopened in 2008.

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