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Attractions Maspalomas

Attractions and Things to do in Maspalomas. Maspalomas, also known as Maspalomas Costa Canaria, consists of the coastal resorts of Playa del Aguila, Las Burras, San Agustín and Playa del Inglés. Here you will find an extension of 20.000.000 m² with 17km of coastline full of dunes, sandy beaches, shallow water and an excellent climate all year round: a true paradise for beach lovers and family holidays. Here we show you the top attractions in Maspalomas.

The most modern complex in Maspalomas, with its beautiful hotels, luxury residences and the largest golf course on the island, is separated from Playa del Inglés by a 4,000,000 m² strip of dunes, which in 1994 was designated a national park. You can only cross the dunes on foot or camel, so the impression is that it is really on another side of the world. The dunes are also the habitat of a large number of plants, some of which are only found in the Canaries.

Discover the main things to do in Maspalomas, to get the most out of this area of Gran Canaria and your vacations.

Palmitos Park in Maspalomas

Palmitas Park Dolphinarium.. The dolphinarium installations have a surface area of approximately 3000m 2 and contain 3 swimming pools and more than 4 million litres of water. The grandstand is capable of holding 1500 people who will enjoy a privileged view of the completely natural surroundings. At the moment, the dolphinarium is home to 5 dolphins of the species, Tursiops truncatus or Bottlenosed dolphin, although it is capable of housing up to 9 dolphins.

Palmitas Park Birds.. Learns about exotical birds on Palmitos Park zoo. A botanical garden permitting close interaction with majestic Flamingoes, Ibis from South America and Africa, Spatulas and much more.

Palmitas Park Aquarium.. Two different zones: Fresh Water and Salt Water species from all over the world.
From some of the more striking venomous fish, like the Surgeon Fish or the Scorpion Fish, up to the most loved by the little ones, the Clown Fish, all living together in the first Salt Water part.

Palmitas Park Reptiles.. Komodo Dragon it’s the first example belonging to the first generation raised in captivity in Europe and, in particular, Spain.
In Caimans Lake you can see close up the greatest swamp predators. Caimans are four footed reptiles very similar to lizards.

Another activities that Palmitos Park offers you it’s visit to all kind of mammals (Meerkats, Wallabies, Aardvarks, Gibbons and Orang-utans, Talapoins) visit the Cactus Garden, House of Butterflies and The House of Orchids.

Contact Information Palmitos Park

Address: Barranco de los Palmitos, s/n, 35109 Maspalomas
Phone: +34 928 797 070

Location Palmitos Park

Faro de Maspalomas

The lighthouse of Maspalomas is a lighthouse located on the island of Gran Canaria (Canary Islands, Spain) which is responsible for marking the coast of the south of the island, in the strip of coast that covers the area covered by the lighthouse Of Punta de Arinaga, to the northeast, and the lighthouse of Punta del Castillete, located to the northwest.

As an indissoluble part of the southern landscape of Gran Canaria, the silhouette of the Maspalomas Lighthouse is cut above all buildings and the palm grove, a centenary witness of other times in which it was the only construction on this point of the island. Even today, the magnificent engineering work that Juan de León and Castillo designed is the most important historical and monumental civil building from Telde to the South. It is difficult to understand Maspalomas without its lighthouse, probably because since we have photographs of the place, this construction has been present, a reflection that human activities can help to recreate the landscape and not always to alter or destroy it.

Its history begins in 1861, in particular on June 19, the date of a Report of the Commission of Lighthouses on the Complement of the maritime lighting of the Canary Islands, which proposes, in addition to other new lighthouses in the Archipelago, “one of First order, fixed or sparkling light, at Punta de Maspalomas, south of Gran Canaria “, placing the construction of this lighthouse in the forefront and considering it the most indispensable, precisely in an era of progressive growth and rivalry between the main ports Islanders.

Contact Information Faro de Maspalomas

Address: Plaza del Faro, s/n, 35100 Maspalomas, Las Palmas
Phone: : +34 928 76 92 62

Location Faro de Maspalomas

Aqualand Maspalomas

The Aqualand in Maspalomas is the biggest water park of Gran Canaria and so often the most desired attraction to visit for many children and their families. The main attractions of Aqualand are the numerous water slides and the wave pool. In 90,000m² the park has 13 attractions and a total of 33 slides. The Tornado is the star attraction. The Aqualand Maspalomas is opened daily from 10 am to 5 p all year roud.

Here you’ll enjoy a total of 15 attractions and over 30 different slides. You’ll even have the chance to bathe with real sea otters and bring home an unforgettable souvenir.

Spend an incredible day full of adrenaline, fun and relaxation in the water park Aqualand Maspalomas. Enjoy different environments and choose from a multitude of attractions. At Aqualand Maspalomas you are guaranteed to spend a day of fun with your family or friends.

Enjoy the relaxation in the lazy river, the wave pool or the hammock area; Of the discharge of adrenaline throwing you by the 40 slides for children and grown ups.

Feel the excitement, in this water park of Gran Canaria, of throwing yourself by the Racer Twin Turbolance, the Speed Boats, the three tobaganes of Aquamanía, challenge your friends in the Crazy Race, throw yourself alone in the Anaconda, couple in the Boomerang Or in the Tornado, or in groups in the Mammoth and much more.

Contact Information Aqualand Maspalomas

Address: Carretera Palmitos Park, Km 3, 35100 Maspalomas, Las Palmas
Phone: +34 928 14 05 25

Location Aqualand Maspalomas

Holiday World Maspalomas

Enjoy in the Holiday World Park a small park with the sensations of the big parks.
Have fun in 6-dimensional cinema, Ferris wheel, roller coaster, bumper cars, pirate ship, and many other attractions. No matter how old you are, Holiday World has attractions for you.

Take advantage of the rest of the leisure center to eat in themed restaurants, bowling in the professional bowling with 16 tracks, billiards, or some game of the recreation room, Roller coasters, Mechanic Bulls, Shock Car, Big Disco Boat, Cinema 6 D – Movement and experience in 4 D. 3 D vision of the films + movements of the chairs and wind. Gyroloop, Skydrop, and mini casino. Take advantage of the food, have a drink.

Holiday World is a paradise for the little ones in the house. Children enter a fantasy world where they can ride in trains, quads, take a child crash car, get on the ferris wheel, the carousel, the merry-go-round and many other attractions designed for the little ones ..

Contact Information Holiday World Maspalomas

Address: Av. Touroperador Tui, s/n, 35100 Maspalomas, Las Palmas
Phone: : +34 928 73 04 98

Location Holiday World Maspalomas

Maspalomas Golf

Maspalomas Golf. In the south-west of our island, one of the places of the world that has more hours of sunshine a year, is Maspalomas, the most important tourist complex of Gran Canaria with spectacular beaches of fine and golden sand, where you will find from luxurious hotels, to Small urbanizations with all kinds of amenities.

Surrounded by the Natural Park of the Dunes of Maspalomas, protected space with more than 400 hectares, a landscape of sea and palm trees draw the horizon. The golf course of Maspalomas, located in this paradisiac area, is in turn surrounded by dunes, a characteristic that establishes its imprint in the design of the field, created by Mackenzie Ross.

The long and wide slopes, with long and wide streets, the proximity of the sea and the gentle breeze make the course of this course a pleasant experience, even on the hottest days of summer, thanks to the refreshing influence of the trade winds. The course, which has held international events, has 18 holes par 73, driving range, putting greeen and pitching green, driving range, instructors, car rental, cars and clubs, shop, restaurant and snack bar.

Contact Information Golf Maspalomas

Address: Avenida Touroperador Neckerman, s/n
35100 Maspalomas
Phone: +34 928762581

Location Golf Maspalomas

The Botanical Park of Maspalomas

The Botanical Park of Maspalomas is located in the municipality of San Bartolomé de Tirajana. It is a space of 12 000 square meters dedicated to the conservation of more than 500 plant species distributed without a specific order ensuring that each plot has the greatest possible plant diversity.

The visitor will be able to see palms, fruit trees, shrubs, aquatic plants, aromatic, ornamental and medicinal and even Macaronesian spices in a calm and conducive environment to walk. In addition, it has a small interpretation center and a seed bank.

This botanical park organizes activities for children to learn to differentiate some species from others by means of a set of trail sets, as well as theme theories adapted to different groups and workshops in order to understand the importance of conserving biodiversity.

Contact Information Botanical Park of Maspalomas

Address: Av. Touroperador Neckermann, 2, 35100 Maspalomas, Las Palmas
Phone: +34 928 77 07 16

Location Botanical Park of Maspalomas

Urban South Park (Parque Urbano del Sur)


The South Park is an urban park of 6,233 square meters. It has a building for shows attached to the grandstand, gardens, a lake between the bleachers and the stage area, toilets. The first two steps of the amphitheater, as well as the stage area have two static stretched canvas covers, giving the whole a distinct aesthetic.

The building, built in 2007, consists of two locker rooms linked together through a central part of the back stage. This in turn has two side access to the stage itself, which is resolved in two distinct areas bordered by a lake that separates the scene from the stands. It is a land with a natural layout in the form of steps and surrounded by pedestrian paths that are part of the park, along with a flat area in which is located the Entertainment Building. Both the Entertainment Building and the lake, and other complementary facilities are located on an area of ​​6,233 square meters. Each wardrobe module is equipped with bathrooms and multi-purpose dressing areas in terms of use according to needs.

The lake that embraces and joins the elements that make up the whole performance (grandstand and building) has an average depth of 0.80 meters, equipped with all the necessary installation for its maintenance. The whole area bordering the whole is treated by garden stone that connects with the sides of the lake or through pavement in accordance with the access road after the building. On one side of the main performance is a service module containing bathrooms for common use by park users. You can enjoy in this area a climbing wall, a children’s play area, a cafeteria, a picnic area and two circuits that surround the park, one for jogging and the other for bicycles and skates.

Location Urban South Park

Casino Gran Canaria

Maspalomas Casino

Gran Canaria Casino is located in the heart of Playa del Inglés, one of the most famous resorts on the vibrant south coast of Gran Canaria.

Playa del Inglés, known for its endless beaches of golden sand and for its fantastic weather all year round, has always been a favorite destination for many tourists who visit the island in search of sun, beach and fun. It is located in the heart of the activity, close to the liveliest establishments in the area and within walking distance of the long sandy beach and the promenade of Playa del Inglés.

Casino offers Tables like American Roulette, Black Jack, Undisputed Poker, Texas Hold’em Poker, Daily Cash Games and Regular Tournament Programming.

Gran Canaria Casino offers gambling machines, where you can enjoy unique moments of fun and get up to 2000 times the value of your bet.

At Casino Gran Canaria you will find machines like Machines of lever, of rollers, Poker Machines, Machines with touch screen, Interconnected models: “Super Jackpot” or “Accumulated Prize”

To enter the casino it is imperative to present the DNI and for access to the Game Rooms must be presented in the Casino Reception Service an entry card. Access to Gran Canaria Casino is completely free.

Contact Information Gran Canaria Casino

Address: Av. Alf.Provisionales, 29, 35100 Maspalomas, Las Palmas
Phone: +34 928 76 27 24

Location Gran Canaria Casino

Minigolf in Maspalomas

Minigolf Gran Canaria is the leading Minigolf Network in the Canary Islands. Each one of our Minigolf courses ( Yumbo, Atlantico and Maritim ) has been totally design and customized aiming to create a relaxing, comfortable, high-standard and most of all challenging and fun touristic attraction.

You will always find qualified, competent and friendly staff to assist you while spending probably one of the funniest moments of your holidays in Gran Canaria. Do not hesitate to give yourself a try and enjoy your Minigolf experience whatever the age you are.

Contact Information Minigolf Gran Canaria

Address: Avenida de EEUU n54
35100 Playa del Ingles
Phone : +34 617 455 869

Location Minigolf Gran Canaria

Camel Safari in Maspalomas

Maspalomas Camel Safari

Attractions Maspalomas

Camel Safari. In Gran Canaria, a few meters from the civilization, in the natural reserve of the dunes of Maspalomas, a camp of 65 dromedaries (camels) awaits you to take a leisurely stroll along the Dunes of the Maspalomas Special Nature Reserve.

The Saharawi guides welcome you and choose the most suitable camel for a quiet walk through the Dunes of Maspalomas.

Soak up the diversity of landscapes. You will see a unique contrast in the landscape of Gran Canaria: sand dunes with the blue sea on the horizon and on the other side, in the distance, the mountains of the center of the island.
Feel the peace and silence, only listen to your camel’s footsteps on sand paths.

The guides who will accompany you on the walk are from the Sahara and experts in breeding and camel training.
If you are lucky, you will see a newborn camel or, as a curiosity, the dromedary with white hair and blue eyes.
Duna Oasis Gran Canariaexcursion to camel Maspalomas.

Choose when you want to go camel riding in Maspalomas. Come with your partner, family or group of friends, no matter how many you are. Manolo, Pepe, Ali Baba, Canuto, Macho and Daniel are some of the camels that leave every 15 minutes for a walk that will last 30 minutes.

Contact Information Camel Safari

Address: Paseo charca Maspalomas S/N.
Gran Canaria
Phone: +34 928 760 781

Location Camel Safari

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