Avis Car Hire Gran Canaria Airport

Car hire Avis Gran Canaria Airport. Do you need a car hire from Avis in Gran Canaria? Then you can use our search engine for rental cars in Spain and get the best price on your rental car. So you can easily compare offers from Avis and the other car hire companies at Gran Canaria Airport.

Search and book your Avis car hire at Gran Canaria Airport

Avis car rental Gran Canaria Airport

Avis Car Hire Gran Canaria Airport

Avis car hire Gran Canaria Airport

Avis car rental is one of the world’s most famous car rental companies with approximately 5750 locations in more than 165 countries. Avis has a long history of innovation in the rental car industry and is one of the world’s foremost brands for customer loyalty. The car hire company is owned by the Avis Budget Group, Inc., which operates and licenses the brand worldwide. AVIS was founded in 1946 by Warren Avis, and was the first company to hire cars from airports. The company grew rapidly during the 1950s through franchisees and partners. And launched in 1963 the award winning “We try harder®” campaign and the slogan is the company’s slogan even today. In Spain, Avis has rental offices spread throughout the country in the largest cities, and in all the most busy airports such as Alicante, Barcelona, ​​Gran Canaria, Majorca, and Malaga to name a few.

Spain is a beautiful country to drive in and with so much to see and experience, you can really make the most of your trip in a rental car from Avis. Why not start your Spanish adventure in Madrid – Spain’s elegant and exciting capital, famous for its museums and art galleries. A good place to start is with the so-called “Golden Art Triangle”, which consists of Reina Sofía, the Prado Museum and Thyssen-Bornemisza. This trio is often referred to as the most significant and most important art museums in all of Spain. And later, as the sun sets, you can get ready to enjoy the city’s legendary nightlife.

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Gran Canaria

Avis Car Hire Gran Canaria Airport

Gran Canaria is the most populous island of the Canary Islands, a Spanish archipelago, with a population of 838 397, which accounts for about 40% of the population in the archipelago. Located in the Atlantic Ocean, about 150 kilometers (~ 93 miles) off the northwestern coast of Africa and about 1350 km (~ 838 miles) from Europe.

Gran Canaria is located southeast of Tenerife and west of Fuerteventura. The island is of volcanic origin. The best way to discover the pristine Gran Canaria is to rent a car and drive wild. There are many villages and small places that are not yet occupied by tourists, and here you can meet the local culture at close range. Gran Canaria can be so much more for those travelers with a sense of culture, food and adventure. The different parts of the island have their characteristics – to the south you have the most visited places and beaches with the dunes of Maspalomas, the party life of Playa Del Ingles and Gran Canaria’s Venice Puerto de Mogan. To the north you will find real European big waves in hectic Las Palmas, and the more pristine villages.

That it is a pleasure to discover Gran Canaria on its own is no myth. The island has a slightly different peak season than the countries around the Mediterranean. It is December to March when the hotels is at is fullest, because the temperature stays so stable throughout the year. It is rare to cold to swim. The more active travelers walk up the mountains in central areas of the island, a paradise for hiking when the temperature is at its highest. If you are the first in Gran Canaria and want to spend time on something other than sun licking and shopping, try out one of the fantastic golf courses. Golfing in Gran Canaria is equally suitable for beginners as an additional. And if you’ve never played golf before then, the different golf courses can offer good trainers to help you get started.

If you need a rental car for your stay in Gran Canaria, it’s easiest to book it for pickup when you arrive at Gran Canaria Airport. Then you can easily return it when you return to your country of origin, and you do not have alternative transportation to and from Gran Canaria Airport. In most cases, this is less expensive than using small local suppliers in Gran Canaria.

What to see, do and visit with your Avis Rental Car

Car Rental Gran CanariaThe island of Gran Canaria has more than 200 km of coast and a very pleasant climate most of the year. Some of its imposing beaches are the beach of San Agustín, Playa del Inglés and Maspalomas. A rental car is the fastest and easiest way to get around.

Like its sister islands of the archipelago, the island of Gran Canaria has a volcanic origin that gives its sands and cliffs a spectacular view. The varied ecosystems of the area impress in their landscapes an extraordinary beauty.

But not everything on the island is about nature, beaches and coves. In the city of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria it is advisable to visit the neighborhoods of Vegueta and Triana, as well as being interested in the Elder Museum, the Botanical Garden or the Casa de Colón, among others.

In addition, renting a car in Gran Canaria is essential to know the fantastic colonial villages that fill the island.

Tips for renting a car with Avis at Gran Canaria Airport

  • Always order as early as possible. In high season there is a struggle for rental cars in Spain. This means that prices will be higher, if you book on the internet as early as possible, the chance will be great for getting a Avis car hire at a much cheaper price than by booking when you arrive in Spain.
  • After ordering, confirm the confirmation email you receive by email. You must bring this with you when you pick up the car. In addition, you must bring the credit card to which the car is ordered, passport and valid driver’s license.
  • Read the Avis contract before signing carefully. Is it in Spanish, so ask for it in English. In particular, check with insurance, deposit, and fuel conditions.
  • Once you have received a key and will pick up your car, take a round of the car and check for bumps, broken lights, and scratches.

  • Contact Information Avis Gran Canaria

    Avis Car Hire Gran Canaria Airport
    Gran Canaria International Airport and known as Gando, on Spanish Aeropuerto de Gran Canaria, is an airport located in Gran Canaria, Spain. The airport is located east of Gran Canaria at Bahía de Gando, approx. 18 km from Las Palmas and 25 km from the popular tourist areas of the south. The airport’s current terminal was commissioned in 1973. In October 1991, it was expanded due to the increase in passenger traffic. In 2013, the original terminal building from 1946 was demolished to allow for a new expansion, opened in 2014. Despite a very strong increase in traffic volume, the airport still has only one terminal.

    Avis Gran Canaria Airport
    Address: Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Airport
    GPS: 27.938877, -15.389383
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    Opening hours Avis Gran Canaria Airport
    Monday 07:00 – 01:00
    Tuesday 07:00 – 01:00
    Wednesday 07:00 – 01:00
    Thursday 07:00 – 01:00
    Friday 07:00 – 01:00
    Saturday 07:00 – 01:00
    Sunday 07:00 – 01:00

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