Cafes Gran Canaria

Cafes in Gran Canaria

Café Life is at its best and most cosmopolitan in Las Palmas, while on the smaller places can always find combined restaurants / bars / Cafes that takes care of most thirsty needs. Here’s a bunch of good cafes in Gran Canaria.

Macabeo Tapas Bar
Nice place for a tapas and a coffee or drink, with friendly atmosphere and central location in Las Palmas.
Address: Calle Pelota, 18, Vegueta
Tel. +34 928 32 17 28

Maximillan Café
A quieter alternative to the hectic Bar life in Playa Del Ingles, a nice place to spend the afternoon with a light meal and a drink.
Address: Av. de Tenerife 8, Playa Del Ingles
Tel. +34 928 777 015

Cafebrería Esdrújulo
Combined bookshop and café in Las Palmas, a place to discover hidden gems in the more or less dusty bookshelves, while relaxing with a coffee.
Address: C Cebrián 54, Las Palmas
Tel. +34 928 36 13 19

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