Las Palmas Carnaval

Carnival in Las Palmas

Carnival in Las Palmas. This carnival is declared to be a Canarian celebration of interest to tourists and is one of the oldest celebrations in Las Palmas. Some special events are gala for the election of the Queen and the very popular gala for choosing the carnival drag queen – an event that is not held anywhere else in Spain.

The carnival is a major event in Gran Canaria. In Las Palmas the carnival is held on 29 January to 21 February in Maspalomas / Playa del Inglés 19 February to 28 February. In carnival week is the crowds and music in the streets until late at night / early morning and some streets are sometimes cut off. Extra lively, it is around the hotels along Avenida Tirajana in Playa del Inglés.

On Gran Canaria celebrated carnival almost everywhere on the island, but if you want to experience the most famous and opulent, you must go to Las Palmas, San Bartolomé, Maspalomas, Agüimes, Agaete or Telde. Each of these towns’ carnival celebrations have their own character. Carnival goes mainly out to dress up in colorful costumes, dancing and singing. Some people love carnival so much they travel around the island to follow festlighetene- there is always a super party atmosphere and lots to see.

Enjoy the wonderful shows and a comprehensive program that usually starts with an opening speech (pregón), full of humor and irony. The climax comes the last carnival weekend before Ash Wednesday. There are competitions for “murgas” (typical carnival groups who sing satirical and funny songs), “comparsas” (Brazilian-like carnival dancers) and music groups. Other events are drag queen competitions, comedy shows and much more. Carnival highlights usually appears on the national Spanish television channel TVE. Queen Gala and Drag Queen gala broadcast live and can also be seen live on the channel’s online TV.

Carnival ends officially with the start of Lent on Ash Wednesday, but this is Gran Canaria so head down to Playa del Inglés where the party continues with another weekend of processions and parties held mainly around the Yumbo Center. On the website of the carnival, you can read more

Program Carnival in Las Palmas

January 29: Opening Ceremony at Plaza de Santa Ana in the district of Vegueta at 13:00. At 20.45 starts a parade from Alameda de Colón. Concerts by Efecto Pasillo and Gran Canaria Bing Band starts at 21.15. Immediate on Canarian TV.
January 30: Competition for children’s groups in costume, choreography and dance (comparsas) at 19:00.
January 31: The Carnival of pets at 12:00. Returning of Drag Queen at 19:00.
February 1: Competition First Round (Large singing groups in costumes who sing long, satirical lyrics to the monotonous rhythms) at 20:30.
February 2: Competition, second round at 20:30.
February 3: Competition, third round at 20:30.
February 5: Competition for adults in costume, choreography and dance ( “Concurso de comparsas Adult”) at 20:00. Carnival Night.
February 6: Competition Finals, at 20:00. Carnival Night.
February 7: Costume Contest for dogs at 12:00. Costume Contest for children 19:00
February 8: Traditional carnival in Barranco de Guiniguada at 19:00. Costume Contest for adults. Carnival Night.
February 9: Carnaval day Santa Catalina Park at 12:00. Parade for children from Castillo de La Luz to Santa Catalina Park at 17:00.
February 12: Returning of carnival queen (Gala de la Reina) at 21:00 (ticket required). Direct TV: Spanish TVE at 21.15 Canarian time. Carnival Night at the Plaza de Canarias.
February 13: Carnaval al Sol on Canteras beach at 12:00. The first round in drag queen contest (Drag Queen) at 21:00. (Ticket required). Carnival Night at the Plaza de Canarias.
February 14: Competition in body paint at 21:00.
February 16: Carnival for people with disabilities.
February 19: Carnival Night at the Plaza de Canarias. Drag Queen Gala, normaly starts at 20:00.
February 20: The big carnival parade (Gran Cabalgata) through Las Palmas from 17:00. The barges that will participate in the procession gathered in calle Leon y Castillo at the height of the Hotel Santa Catalina from 12 o’clock parade departs from Plaza de la Feria along Leon y Castillo to La Isleta. Carnival Night at the Plaza de Canarias.
February 21: Direct TV: Sardine burial at 19:00. A bus-train with a large model of a sardine in the lead going through the city (León y Castillo – Plaza de la Feria – Playa de Las Canteras) accompanied by live music, and being burned on a fleet of Canteras beach. Carnival Night at the Plaza de Canarias.

Tickets for the carnival in Las Palmas

Tickets for the carnival in Las Palmas costs 10 euros and can be purchased at or tourist information center in the Santa Catalina park when they are laid out for carnaval a while before the is starts. Try to get your tickets early. The ranking of the child queen and other shows you can attend for free. Tickets for Queen gala, Drag Queen-selection and Drag Queen Gala (maximum four tickets per person) will probably go on sale in late January / early part of February.

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