Drag Carnival Las Palmas Gran Canaria

Gala Drag the Carnival of Las Palmas 2015

The Carnival of Las Palmas has chosen the Drag Queen of Arabian Nights with Arturo Valls actor and presenter and actress from Gran Canaria Yanely Hernandez. They were responsible for driving the show with over 3,500 people who enjoyed live, and the performances of the night was presented by Alexandra Stan, Ruth Lorenzo, Frank Romero and the number of the shows The Hole and with La Terremoto de Alcorcón.

The event, with tickets all sold out, was in its 18th edition starring drags the 17 finalists, chosen from among 35 participants in the screening held on Monday February 16 and lasted 2 hours 45 minutes.

The opening act, who heads Israel Reyes, brought out the most blatant of Carnival, always with humor side. With original music by Germán Arias and choreography of Odeymis Torres, hundreds of dancers and extras was participating in this musical bite, 10 minutes, in which the voice of the Canary Daida Monzón highlights the show.

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