Beach in Maspalomas

Maspalomas Beach

Playa Maspalomas in Gran Canaria is a large beach with beautiful fine golden sand that is surrounded by the famous Maspalomas Dunes in the south of the island of Gran Canaria. Maspalomas, also known as Maspalomas Costa Canaria, consists of the coastal resorts of Playa del Aguila, Las Burras, San Agustín and Playa del Inglés. Find out everything you need to know about the beach in Maspalomas.

Here you will find an extension of 20.000.000 m² with 17km of coastline full of dunes, sandy beaches, shallow water and an excellent climate all year round: a true paradise for beach lovers and family holidays. So now we know that Maspalomas is divided into 4 zones: the first is perfect for families and children, the second and fourth are nudists and the third is well known among the gay community.

Maspalomas Beach located in the beautiful municipality of San Bartolomé de Tirajana. Its subtropical climate with mild and warm temperatures throughout the year is responsible for making it one of the most attractive destinations for tourists from all over the world. The average annual temperature of the island is 23.5 ° C and is one of the European destinations where more sunshine is enjoyed at the end of the year, approximately 259 days the sky is clear. Its calm and transparent waters make the bath pleasant in any season of the year.

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In the south of the island of Gran Canaria, bordered by Maspalomas Dunes Special Nature Reserve, lies the beach of the tourist resort of Maspalomas: almost three kilometers of soft golden sand and little waves along with a multitude of hotel facilities and apartments . The place where to spend the perfect vacations under the sun with the family and to enjoy luminous days of beach. You can also take a romantic stroll through a site of changing dunes and the silhouette of the lighthouse Maspalomas cutting against the sunset.

Maspalomas beach has all kinds of services and amenities so you can enjoy it to the fullest on your vacation. Like Playa del Inglés, Maspalomas also offers everything you want. There are all kinds of sports and leisure facilities, including showers and bars, restaurants and shops. If you want to go scuba diving, pedal boating or rent a jet ski, you will have everything very close at hand. There are not many shade areas, so it is a good idea to rent an umbrella, so that your skin can rest from the sun for a while.

Beach in Maspalomas

Maspalomas Beach

The beach of Maspalomas has several sections that are adapted to all visitors. In its west side, the beach connects with the tourist center of Maspalomas and offers services ideal for families with children like rent of sunbeds and umbrellas, showers or beach bars. But as it extends westwards towards Punta de Maspalomas, there are areas for water sports or nudism.

You can reach the dunes by crossing the arch of the huge entrance located on Avenida de Tirajana. Walk a little along that same street and you will get them right away. Remember to bring a towel and slippers, as the sand is usually very hot. Every 100 meters or so you will have a snack bar where they sell soft drinks.

On the beach of Maspalomas until Playa del Inglés is all day supervision of lifeguards, the Red Cross and the police. So you can feel safe as the security guaranteed by the Red Cross and the Police.

One of the attractions of Playa de Maspalomas is the incredible surrounding landscape, which has a great ecological interest. This area has one of the most interesting and spectacular dune areas of the Canaries, these are the Dunes of Maspalomas. These dunes are formations caused by the wind that moves the sand of the beach accumulating it in some zones and creating beautiful drawings. You can distinguish two types d dunes, fixed dunes and mobile dunes, which constantly change shape. Some of these dunes can surpass even the 8 meters of height.

Other landscape that is worth seeing on Maspalomas Beach is the Maspalomas Pond, a small lagoon situated on the coast of brackish waters. It is separated from the sea by a barrier of sand and when great rains are produced it is destroyed by letting the water of the sea pass. In this way the water of the pond is renewed and allows the entrance of fish and other organisms of the sea. This small ecosystem is indispensable for the life of the birds and the invertebrates of the place.

Maspalomas Dunes, Maspalomas Pond and Palmeral have been declared protected areas because they are part of the Special Natural Reserve of the Dunes of Maspalomas because of its rich biodiversity.

Faro de Maspalomas

Another of the things known for Playa de Maspalomas is its old lighthouse (Faro de Maspalomas) 55 meters high, which has experienced the transformation of the area with the massive arrival of tourists. This beautiful lighthouse has witnessed thousands of walks by the sea, honeymoons and thousands of sunny days. As an indissoluble part of the southern landscape of Gran Canaria, the silhouette of the Maspalomas Lighthouse is cut above all buildings and the palm grove, a centenary witness of other times in which it was the only construction on this point of the island. Even today, the magnificent engineering work that Juan de León and Castillo designed is the most important historical and monumental civil building from Telde to the South. It is difficult to understand Maspalomas without its lighthouse, probably because since we have photographs of the place, this construction has been present, a reflection that human activities can help to recreate the landscape and not always to alter or destroy it.
The surf lovers in all their modalities will also find in this beach a meeting place, specifically it is the curve that links Playa del Inglés with the Playa de Maspalomas.

The Playa de Maspalomas is one of the favorite destinations of the Canary Islands for its spectacular beauty and for offering a pleasant temperature throughout the year. The beach is designed to relax and enjoy the sun and the sea, which is why it has numerous leisure services throughout the year. We recommend seeing a sunset on this wonderful beach and enjoy the beautiful print that offers the incredible coastline of the Canary Islands. Tourists visiting Maspalomas will also be able to enjoy a wide range of leisure activities at night, it is the moment where tranquility and relaxation are transformed by live music, shows, casinos and nightclubs in the area.
Without a doubt, Playa de Maspalomas is the perfect destination to enjoy a holiday in the sea at any time of the year.

Where is Maspalomas Beach?

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