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Nightlife and Bars in Las Palmas

Nightlife and bars in Las Palmas. Nightlife in Las Palmas is very diverse, and more sophisticated than in the resorts. Here is a more urban feel, with more traditional bars and restaurants. Las Palmas offers more of the genuine Canarian culture, rather than the Irish, English and German bars often found at the resorts.

The nightlife in Las Palmas wake as the sun goes down, and here is something for everyone: Swinging salsa music, live bands, cover bands, jazz or disco. Gran Canaria’s capital city has a vibrant nightlife with bars, pubs and clubs – which are dotted around the city. Locals in Las Palmas usually goes not out on the town before midnight, but in return the party continues until dawn. Most bars are open until. 2:00 or 3:00 in Las Palmas, and the city’s discos and nightclubs closes not likely before 6:00 or 07:00.

In the stretch between the market and the Santa Ana Cathedral you will find many pubs and restaurants with exciting Canarian cuisine. Check out Vegueta area and Plaza de Espana if you are looking for good places to go out on. Cool places are Heineken, Cuasquias, El Coto, La Floridita and La Roneria. The best places are in Vegueta or streets along Las Canteras beach. CC Monopoly in Triana, just north of the old town are several younger highlighted as the hottest place. Remember that it does not start properly until one to two hours after midnight. For those who would like to see a little nightlife before it, it is a lot of people in the old town from 20 to 21 hours and beyond.

VIDEO TAO Club Party Las Palmas

In the northern area of ​​Las Palmas – around Santa Catalina Park – are a large number of bars and clubs, especially in Calle José Franchy Roca. There are also many clubs in the Plaza de España, specifically in the street Mesa y López – slightly south of Santa Catalina Park. Here meet clubbers at the on-site nightclubs, and the area is lively until the sun rises the next day.

Also in the southern part of Canteras beach are nice nightlife and the old town Vegueta. The historic center is also known to have a bit more sophisticated bars than in Las Palmas. The surrounding Calle Triana by San Telmo Park is also recommended if you are looking for a lively nightlife in Las Palmas.

Casino in Las Palmas

Gran Casino in Las Palmas

If you want to try your luck at a casino in Las Palmas, you will also find this here. “Gran Casino Las Palmas” is located at Santa Catalina Park, and stays open until 04.00 at night.

Over the last 25 years Gran Casino Las Palmas has become not only a milestone in the society of Las Palmas, but also one of the bastions in the defense of the city’s heritage and the motor of its cultural life.

Undoubtedly one of the key points in this safeguard of the heritage and culture Gran Canaria have been the great investments made for the updating and maintenance of the teaching for the city that is the Hotel Santa Catalina, in which from the initial moment of management More than 18 million euros have been invested.

Contact Information Gran Casino Las Palmas

C/ Simón Bolívar, 3
35007 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
Email: casino@casinolaspalmas.com
Phone: +34 928 234 882
Reservations: +34 928 291 080
Website: www.casinolaspalmas.com

Map and Location Gran Casino Las Palmas

Popular Bars and Nightclubs in Las Palmas

Sheehan’s Pub in Las Palmas

Sheemans Pub

Nightlife and Bars in Las Palmas

Sheehan’s is an Irish-style pub located in central Las Palmas – slightly south of Santa Catalina Park. The place is very popular for both young and older adults, and has a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Both the music and the decor is typical Irish at Sheehan’s Pub – and the furniture is naturally dark wood. The place serves both European and Irish beer, and the evening is Sheehan’s known for being lively nightlife place with a good atmosphere.

Opening hours: Thursday – Sunday. From 20.00 to 03.00.
Address: Calle Los MATINEZ de Escobar 8, 35007 Las Palmas
Facebook: facebook.com/Sheehans-Irish-Pub

Map and Location Sheehan’s Pub

Tao Club & Garden in Las Palmas

TAO Club and Garden

Tao Club is a bar / nightclub which is located in Las Palmas – near the marina and Doramas Park. The place was opened in 2010 and has two areas; Tao Club – with outdoor chill-out terrace and Tao Garden – with its popular restaurant.

Tao Club has a great Zen atmosphere with comfortable couches and chairs – surrounded by water fountains and atmospheric light. The place has a good selection of cocktails and plays primarily World music, chill-out music mm. Tao Club also has a sushi bar.

Hours: Tuesday – Thursday and Sunday. 20.00 to 03.30, Friday and Saturday. From 20.00 to 05.30.
Address: Jardines Alonso Quesada, 35004 Las Palmas
Facebook: facebook.com/taoclublaspalmas

Map and Location Tao Club & Garden

Fortuni Nightclub in Las Palmas

Fortuni Disco club Las Palmas

Fortuni is one of Las Palmas leading nightclubs, located near Santa Catalina Park and the harbor Puerto de la Luz. The nightclub was reopened in 2012, and has an exciting and trendy interiors – with purple and blue neon lights and white leather sofas. The nightclub has 3 floors and 2 separate rooms that play different types of music. In the main room playing newer hits – and the “Golden Room” you can listen to electro, techno and house.

Opening hours: Thursday – Saturday. From 23.00 to 05.30.
Address: Martinez de Escobar 1, 35007 Las Palmas
Website: fortunilaspalmas.es

Map and Location Fortuni Nightclub

The Paper Club in Las Palmas

The Paper Club

The Paper Club opened in 2012 and is a nightclub / concert venue which regularly features live music. The nightclub is located in the heart of Triana – Vegueta, the historical center of Las Palmas. The site has capacity for 400 people, and is aimed at a music-loving audience from 30 years upwards. The Paper Club bar and nice outdoor terrace.

Opening hours: Thursday – Saturday. 23.00 to 04.30.
Address: C. Remedios 10, 35002 Las Palmas
Facebook: facebook.com/thepaperclubcanarias

Map and Location The Paper Club

Locations of Bars and Nightclubs in Las Palmas

Popular Restaurants in Las Palmas

In Las Palmas you will find many restaurants serving traditional Canarian dishes, but the city also has a large selection of international restaurants serving dishes from all continents. Las Palmas has a large number of French, Italian, Arabic and Japanese restaurants. A general tip is that you eat fish dishes at restaurants located on the coast, and meat dishes inland. This has the access to raw materials to do. The price level of a 3-course menu is far lower in Las Palmas than on the south side of the island, as the area to the south often have inflated tourist prices. Here we bring you our favorite places.

Restaurant Casa Montesdeoca Las Palmas

Restaurant Casa Montesdeoca

Restaurant Casa Montesdeoca located in the district of Vegueta, and is much visited by the Spanish royal family, this is one of the favorite restaurants of King Juan Carlos. This house was the residence of the Jewish merchant Montesdeoca in the sixteenth century, before fleeing the Spanish Inquisition. Montesdeoca was restored to its splendor in the twentieth century, and is today one of the finest restaurants in Las Palmas. Casa Montesdeoca specializes in traditional Spanish food. Good food and excellent service in an enviable environment.

Contact Information Restaurant Casa Montesdeoca

Address: Montesdeoca Street 10
Vegueta 35001 Las Palmas
Las Palmas (Spain)
Phone: 928 333 466
Website: restaurantecasamontesdeoca.com

Location Restaurant Casa Montesdeoca

Restaurant La Macarena Las Palmas

Restaurant La Macarena

The restaurant La Macarena is famous for its cuisine, fresh ingredients and their varied cuisine. Directed by Chef Fabio Santana, who likes to experiment and create something in the kitchen, giving another touch to his dishes. Located in “La Puntilla” beachfront de las Canteras, the bustling pedestrian zone gives you direct access to its outdoor seating, a privileged place where you can enjoy breathtaking ocean views.

Contact Information Restaurant La Macarena

Address: Calle Prudencio Morales, 21
35009 Las Palmas
Phone: 928 91 27 45
Facebook: facebook.com/lamacarenatallerdecocina

Location Restaurant La Macarena

Restaurant La Marinera Las Palmas

Restaurante La Marinera

Thanks to excellent quality and fresh seafood straight from the sea, La Marinera one of the most renowned restaurants on the island. Besides being able to boast of a unique and authentic setting, for its proximity to the sea, and being able to hear the waves crashing against the rocks while eating. Sailor is at the end of La Puntilla, on the beach of Las Canteras.

Contact Information Restaurant La Marinera

Address: Paseo Las Canteras, 1 – Low
Gran Canaria 35008
Las Palmas (Spain)
Phone: 928468802
Website: restaurantelamarineralaspalmas.com

Location of Restaurant La Marinera

Restaurant Tehran Las Palmas

Restaurant Teheran

The Persian carpet in the window, the name and dancers, identifies perfectly the type of restaurant this is. A paradise for lovers of Iranian cuisine. The distinctive aroma of spices and the best caviar in the world is present in their dishes, all prepared for vegetarians including hummus, falafel and vegetable skewers. The restaurant Tehran can be found in the busy shopping street Mesa y Lopez.

Contact Information Restaurant Tehran

Address: Bernardo de la Torre 1 35007
Las Palmas, Gran Canaria
Phone: +34 928222817
Website: restaurantetehran.net

Location Restaurant Tehran

Restaurant Aji, Limón y Canela Las Palmas

Restaurant Aji Limon y Canela

Aji, Limon y Canela are three of the key ingredients in Peruvian cuisine. As a good restaurant true to its roots, forming these ingredients basis for many of the restaurant’s dishes. Aji, Limón y Canela specializes in seafood. Enjoy this and other taste sensations in “Chili, lemon and cinnamon” inside the restaurant or on the patio which on clear days offers a beautiful view of Teide.

Contact Information Restaurant Aji Limón y Canela

Address: C / Sagasta, 68 35008
Las Palmas
Phone: +34 928-58-64-32
Website: facebook.com/AJILIMONCANELA

Location of Restaurant Aji, Limon y Canela

Restaurant Kuoh 101 Las Palmas

Restaurant Kuoh 101

Kuoh 101 elegant Japanese restaurant with a lovely decor, both inside and out. Fresh ingredients of the highest quality along with excellent service, taking us to the best cuisine in Japan. Kuoh 101 restaurant is located in one of the longest streets in Las Palmas. If you like Japanese food, do not hesitate to visit this restaurant.

Contact Information Restaurant Kuoh 101

Address: C / Luis Dorest Silva 101
Las Palmas
Phone: +34 928292952
Website: www.kuoh.es

Location Restaurant Kuoh 101

Restaurant La Bikina Las Palmas

Restaurant La Bikina

The philosophy behind the restaurant La Bikina is simple: Life is on the beach. For them it is easy to say, because the beachfront location is enviable. The whole atmosphere is pure relaxation, and in this bar one can enjoy spectacular food, made by a Spanish and an Indonesian cook, which offers authentic dishes from Asia and South America.

Contact Information Restaurant La Bikina

Address: Paseo de las Canteras, 63
35010 Las Palmas
Phone: +34 828 6:53 57
Facebook: facebook.com/labikinacantina

Location of Restaurant La Bikina

The best nightlife can be found in the shopping area at the bottom of Puerto Rico. Here are two big clubs – Fibber Magees located on the side of the park, and Jokers in the basement level. Europa Center on top of the hill also has a good nightlife, and is a bit more family friendly than nightclubs, especially in high season (July and August). Then keep families on the “top”, and the young and partying adhere to the “bottom”.

The tourist center of Playa del Inglés on the south coast of Gran Canaria is known for having the island’s most vibrant nightlife. Nightlife here has a more international atmosphere than in Las Palmas – who can offer nice small taverns and authentic bars with Spanish music and atmosphere.

Maspalomas is a lovely, peaceful place with a quieter nightlife. Varadero center in the vicinity of the lighthouse and the beach has many quiet bars, and there are also several bars in Faro 2 center, in the vicinity of Holiday World Park. Holiday World has some newer nightclubs, one of them is known for salsa. Here there are a lot of people and good mood Friday and Saturday.

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