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Nightlife bars and nightclubs Gran Canaria

Nightlife, bars nightclubs in Gran Canaria. Nightlife in Gran Canaria is very diverse and international, here it is an urban feel, with traditional bars, pubs and clubs from around the globe. In this article we give you the best Nightlife, bars and nightclubs in Gran Canaria, perfect when you need a night out with friends.

In the stretch between the market and the Santa Ana Cathedral you will find many pubs and restaurants with exciting Canarian cuisine. Check out Vegueta area and Plaza de Espana if you are looking for good places to go out. Cool places are Heineken, Cuasquias, El Coto, La Floridita and La Roneria. The best places are in Vegueta or streets along Las Canteras beach. CC Monopoly in Triana, just north of the old town several younger people has highlighted as the hottest place. In the northern area of ​​Las Palmas – around Santa Catalina Park – are a large number of bars and clubs, especially in Calle José Franchy Roca. There are also many clubs in the Plaza de España, specifically in the street Mesa y López – slightly south of Santa Catalina Park.

Also in the southern part of Canteras beach are nice nightlife and the old town Vegueta. The historic center is also known to have a bit more sophisticated bars than in Las Palmas. The surrounding Calle Triana by San Telmo Park is also recommended if you are looking for a lively nightlife in Gran Canaria.

Video famous Nightclub Pacha Gran Canaria

Nightlife, bars and nightclubs in Gran Canaria

The nightlife in Gran Canaria wake up as the sun goes down, and here is something for everyone: Swinging salsa music, live bands, cover bands, jazz or disco. Gran Canaria’s capital Las Palmas has a bustling nightlife with bars, pubs and clubs which are dotted around the city. Locals in Las Palmas usually goes out on the town before midnight, but in return the party continues until dawn. Most bars are open until. 2:00 or 3:00 in Las Palmas, and the city’s discos and nightclubs closes not likely before kl. 6:00 or 07:00. If you want to eat before going wild at nighttime, check out 11 top Michelin Restaurants Gran Canaria

Nightclub Tao Club & Garden – Las Palmas

Tao Pub Garden in Las Palmas
Tao Club is a bar / nightclub which is located in Las Palmas – near the marina and Doramas Park. The place was opened in 2010 and has two areas; Tao Club – with outdoor chill-out terrace and Tao Garden – with its popular restaurant. Tao Club has a great Zen atmosphere with comfortable couches and chairs – surrounded by water fountains and atmospheric light. The place has a good selection of cocktails and plays primarily World music, chill-out music mm. Tao Club also has a sushi bar. Read more about nightlife in Las Palmas

Contactinformation Tao Club & Garden
Hours: Tuesday – Thursday and Sunday. 20.00 to 03.30, Friday and Saturday. From 20.00 to 05.30.
Address: Jardines Alonso Quesada, 35004 Las Palmas

Eiffel Bar – Playa del Ingles

Eiffel Bar in Playa del Ingles
Eiffel Bar started in 2011 by two Frenchmen, and is centrally located in Playa del Inglés – specifically in the shopping center Yumbo. The bar has a great atmosphere with its French-inspired flair. Here you can get served good cocktails, wines, spirits, champagne, beer or coffee / tea. It is also possible to order local wines from vineyards north of the island. The music that plays on Eiffel Bar is a mix of French music, chill out and jazz.

Contactinformation Eiffel Bar
Hours: Saturday – Thursday. 20.00 to 02.30. Fridays closed.
Address: Centro Comercial Yumbo, Planta Baja (Ground floor) 121, 35100 Playa del Ingles

Fortuni – Las Palmas

Fortuni Las Palmas
Fortuni is one of Las Palmas leading nightclubs, located near Santa Catalina Park and the harbor Puerto de la Luz. The nightclub was reopened in 2012, and has an exciting and trendy interiors – with purple and blue neon lights and white leather sofas. The nightclub has 3 floors and 2 separate rooms that play different types of music. In the main room playing newer hits – and the “Golden Room” you can listen to electro, techno and house.

Contactinformation Nightclub Fortuni
Opening hours: Thursday – Saturday. From 23.00 to 05.30.
Address: Martinez de Escobar 1, 35007 Las Palmas

Pacha – Playa del Inglés

Pacha in Playa del Ingles
The world-famous nightclub chain Pacha is also available in Gran Canaria. The nightclub is located in Playa del Inglés, and opened its doors in 1984. This is one of the most trendy and popular nightlife in the south of Gran Canaria. Pacha has a great atmosphere with exciting interior, great music and clubbers. The music being played is primarily R & B, electro and house.

Contactinformation Nightlife Pacha
Hours: Every day at. From 20.00 to 03.00.
Address: Av. Sargentos Provisionales 10, 35100 Playa del Ingles

The Paper Club – Las Palmas

Paper Club Las Palmas
The Paper Club opened in 2012 and is a nightclub / concert venue which regularly features live music. The nightclub is located in the heart of Triana – Vegueta, the historical center of Las Palmas. The site has capacity for 400 people, and is aimed at a music-loving audience from 30 years upwards. The Paper Club bar has also a nice outdoor terrace.

Contactinformation The Paper Club
Opening hours: Thursday – Saturday. 23.00 to 04.30.
Address: C. Remedios 10, 35002 Las Palmas

China White – Playa del Inglés

China White Playa del Ingles
China White is a popular nightclub located in the mall Kashbah, central Playa del Inglés. Both tourists and locals come here to dance, talk and listen to great music. Chinawhite offers elegant interiors, where everything is white – and the place has a hip atmosphere. It is claimed by some of the island’s best DJ’s on this night club – and the music played is primarily hip hop, R & B and pop.

Contactinformation Chinawhite Nightclub
Hours: Every day at. From 22.00 to 03.30.
Address: C.C. Kashbah, Avenida de Italia 7, 35100 Playa del Ingles
Internet: Chinawhite Facebook

Sheehan’s Pub – Las Palmas

Sheehans Pub Las Palmas
Sheehan’s is an Irish-style pub located in central Las Palmas – slightly south of Santa Catalina Park. The place is very popular for both young and older adults, and has a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Both the music and the decor is typical Irish at Sheehan’s Pub – and the furniture is naturally dark wood. The place serves both European and Irish beer, and the evening is Sheehan’s known for being lively nightlife place with a good atmosphere.

Contactinformation Sheehan’s Pub
Opening hours: Thursday – Sunday. From 20.00 to 03.00.
Address: Calle Los MATINEZ de Escobar 8, 35007 Las Palmas

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